Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Super easy parfaits!

Here's a quick way to make a really tasty dessert - that's also kind of healthy for you!

Stuff you should obtain:
3 containers of vanilla yogurt
Several strawberries
Graham crackers

Notes about ingredients: This was originally a dessert for two, so the three containers (of 6oz yogurt) reflects. About 1.5 containers went into each parfait, so if you're only making one you can probably get two containers or a larger ~9oz container. Yay math!

Also, strawberries happened to be what was on sale that day. Any kind of fruit will work, so get your own personal favorite!

What you should do:
1) Cut up the strawberries!
We cut the strawberries into very thin slices. If you have one of those egg slicer things, it will definitely cut down on the work for you. We probably used about 6 huge strawberries, but it kind of depends on the size of berry and the size of the glass you're trying to put this in.

2) Dump out the yogurt!
Just as the step says, put the yogurt in your vessel of choice. We used tall drinking glasses, but any tall shaped thing would probably work. Make sure to leave enough room for all of your fruit!

3) Layer!
Put the strawberries on top of the yogurt in the glass. Finally, crumble a graham cracker (I used the cinnamon sugar coated kind) on top.

4) Mix and Enjoy!

Leftover Capability:
There were quite a few strawberries left and almost the entire box of graham crackers left. So no yogurt to make another parfait, but definitely enough left for snacks!

But What About My Money?:
3 yogurt containers$1.20
Graham Crackers$4.19

It comes out to approximately $4.19 per parfait, but that's including the huge box of graham crackers and a lot of leftover strawberries. Still worth the cost to get a different dessert though.

Final Grade: A
Easy and tasty. The college student's dream!