The layout of each post generally will go something like this:

Stuff you should obtain:
These are the ingredients you will need to make the meal. I say 'obtain' because, being a college student myself, I know that more things than I would like to admit are borrowed from friends or surreptitiously taken from the parent's house.

What you should do:
This is where the steps go, if you're a scientist you can refer to this as a 'procedure'. They won't be the most precise cookbook steps, but they will detail what I did and probably why you shouldn't do what I did.

Leftover capability:
Probably as a child you absolutely hated leftovers. Not anymore. Leftovers mean that you don't have to cook for another few meals. Therefore, the more of a leftover capability the meal gets, the higher it is held in esteem.

All college students know that free food is the best thing ever. Unfortunately, you can't live off of the free pizza from campus club meetings forever. However, the closer a meal can get to the free value, the better it is. I will detail what I spent to make the meal, just for future reference.

Final Grade:
The overall summary of the meal. NOMS 101 is a pretty easy elective, pretty much if it's edible and easy to make, it's going to get a good grade.